Wiccan Pentagram Banishing Spells ~ DR KEITH SPELLS CASTER

Banishing SpellsBanishing spells can help you to move negativity from your life. They can also be used to remove negative spirits. Banishing spells can help you to regain control over your life. Parchment Paper This spell requires you to write on parchment paper. Traditionally this would have been animal skins. However, you can buy parchment paper from an art shop. If you find you are doing a lot of spells which require writing your spells down, you can buy a paper making kit and make your own. What You Need: A cauldron or other fireproof pot A black candle Parchment paper and a pen A wand (optional) The Pentagram Banishing Spell Cast your circle and light your candle. Say the following: “Goddess, I seek your help in banishing this negativity from my life.” Write on your parchment what is holding you back, or what you want to banish. Take your wand and in the direction of the picture below, trace the pentagram symbol over your parchment paper with your finger or a wand.

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