Spells to Stop Drinking Alcohol ~ Powerful Spells that work to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Spells to Stop Drinking AlcoholSpells to Stop Drinking Alcohol,  Powerful Spells that work to Stop Drinking Alcohol. Take a minute to feel what it would feel like if this were already true. Imagine that you’re a non-drinker and rejoice in how happy, free and healthy you feel now that you are freed from the habit. Then put the piece of paper that you’ve been holding onto the empty bottle. Pick up the next piece of paper, and repeat the process. When every piece of paper is in the bottle, put on the lid. Tie the black cord around the bottle’s neck, and secure it with three knots. Now take the glass of water, and imagine a beautiful white light beaming outwards from it. Drink the water slowly, and feel the light pouring into your body with each sip, purifying you and blessing you. Finally, take the amethyst and cup it between your hands.  Feel the white light circulating around your body, becoming stronger and stronger, and then flowing into the amethyst.  Imagine the crystal pulsating with that light-energy.  Sit with this meditation for a few minutes, until your intuition tells you that you are done.

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