Spells to Bring Your Ex Back ~ Spells to Bring Your Ex Back

Spells to Bring Your Ex BackSpells to Bring Your Ex Back. This is not a black magic spell that will force your ex to love you again against their free will.  Rather, this spell will make it easier for any love that still exists to grow so if your ex still has some feelings for you, it will enhance remove the obstacles that are currently preventing you and your ex from being together. If it is not “meant to be”, then this spell will still have the effect of removing negative feelings between the two of you, so you can both be at peace with each other, whether you are together or not. Spells to Bring Your Ex Back. This spell should be performed during a waxing or full moon, at exactly 8 o’clock in the evening. For this Wiccan love spell to bring your ex back, you will need: Two white spell candles A photo or drawing of your ex (make sure your ex is alone in the photo) A photo of yourself smiling A piece of blue fabric Chamomile teabag Cast your circle and light the candles. Take a moment to meditate to put yourself in a calm and peaceful state. Once you are relaxed, hold the picture of your ex in your left hand, and the picture of yourself in your right hand.

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