Powerful Full Moon spells that work

Powerful Full Moon spells that workPowerful Full Moon spells that work. If you want to put more extra oomph to your spells and you want to send them off into the Universe with a boom. With enough potency to change the world? For your magic to blast into your life like a superhero on caffeine and create all of the wishes you desire? Do you? Of course, you do, and I know the secret I’ll share it with you as long as you promise to do your witchery (yes that’s a made up word) diligence and make sure that you are spell casting ethically and kindly, without controlling others… Do you agree? Ok, well here goes. Powerful Full Moon spells. It’s actually quite simple, you cast your spells on a full moon and that’s pretty much the secret! I don’t know how to write the sound I’m trying to describe now but it’s the sound that they play on a game show, you know when they get the question wrong, or on a chat show when someone states something obvious, like a disappointed sound. I’m sorry to let you down, yes I did state the obvious but it’s because the full moon is the most powerful time to spell cast. If you want to Kapok! Your spells, you can easily do it on a full moon, but watch out, they are very potent and because of that, some spells are better at other times in the moon’s cycle. The best spells to do at this time are for money, romance and luck and to banish (such as banishing a bad habit or an illness for example). And because we like to be helpful, here’s a selection of three spells that you can easily do on the next full moon.

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