Magic spells for Workplace ~ spells for workplace or job that work

Magic spells for WorkplaceFor a daily work purification practice, fill a small spray bottle with water and essential oils of your choosing. If you want the bottle to last for long, you can add some alcohol to it to preserve the solution and keep it bacteria-free. When you feel like your space needs to be purified, spray the mixture in the air while chanting an incantation of purification in your head. If any of your coworkers are sensitive to the smell of essential oils, you can also mix up a solution of sea salt and water, and use this instead.

Since the workplace is often about the least spiritual place you’ll be all day, it may be helpful to have a little altar to remind you of your spiritual practice on a daily basis. It’s quite easy to create a discrete workplace altar which would just look like a decoration for most people. Pick out space on your desk, and place representations of the five elements on it.

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