House Protection Spells that is powerful and effective

House Protection SpellsHouse Protection Spells. Your house just doesn’t feel truly yours. If you have had negative people in your life that you have now got rid of, or after guests have been around, after illness, or after a time of stress, you may feel this way. House Protection Spells. This is a good time to conduct a house protection spell to get rid of the negative energy in your home and to encourage positive energy. For best results perform this spell at sunrise. What you need: Four glass jars with lids lavender (four handfuls) basil (four handfuls) sea salt (four handfuls) white rice (four handfuls) Lavender is for peace, purification. Basil for cleansing, protection and banishing negative energies. Salt protects against psychic attacks and has traditionally been used to protect homes. Rice is to ward off spirits and to encourage good fortune The House Protection Spell Start by cleaning your house and tidying it. Do this the day before your ritual so you have the time. The morning of the ritual gets up before sunrise. Take your four jars and fill them with a handful of each ingredient. Go outside at sunrise and place each jar in your garden at North, South, East and West. If you do not have a garden, place the jars on windowsills or as close as you can to the perimeter of your house at each of these points.

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