Distance Healing Spells that work

Distance Healing Spells that workDistance Healing Spells that work. Light the white candles in a semi-circle in front of you and place the incense to one side. Take the picture of the person you are healing and place it inside the circle, facing you. Put the quartz crystal on top of it. Invoke the Goddess of healing through a prayer or chant. Ground and centre yourself, and then start raising energy. Distance Healing Spells that work.  Do this in whichever way feels best to you – by singing, chanting, drumming, dancing, or simply visualising. When you feel that you have built up enough energy, direct this healing energy through the quartz, towards the photo of the recipient. It is important that the energy travels through the quartz as this will enhance the energy (quartz is a very powerful crystal). Visualise the candles forming a protective ring of fire around the person you are performing the distance healing on, blocking all pain and harm from them.  The healing light is coming through you and finding the source of their illness or pain. See this energy coating them, relieving their pain, filling them with energy and vitality. After this, you will want to ground yourself and re-energise yourself.  Eating a piece of bread or other food will help you do this. If you invoked the Goddess, thank her now. It is done, so mote it be.

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